Send or receive files - as always, encrypted for protection, unless specifically requested. Send a link so the recipient only has to click the link and download their file.


We have enclosed both words in quotation marks, because even though the end result may be exactly that, for us to aid in the transfer of funds could require us to become a finaincial organization with all the inherent reporting requirements (ie lack of privacy for you and us). Instead, we agree to facilitate the communications required for you to buy or sell PTScrip/t with other members at prices agreed by both parties. One party will make an offer to buy or sell or trade goods or PTscrip/t to the other party for some agreed consideration, past, present or future, named in the agreement or referring to some private agreement. The communication finalizing the purchase/sale can be requested to wait until the occurrrence of some event. For example, "A" wants to buy software from "B" for a certain amount of PTScrip/t (valued by the two parties at the time as $XX.XX). "A" would make an offer, which would be accepted by "B". "A" could request that the final purchase/sale occurs after receipt of the software. When both parties agree that all contingencies have been met, we would communicate transfer of the correct amount of PTScrip/t. This is similar to escrow, but it isn't, so we call it "s-kro".

PTScrip/t can be purchased from us, and we agree to buy it back at the same or greater price.  However the script that changes hands between parties goes from "A" to "B", and our job is merely to communicate that fact and keep track of the balances (in PTScrip/t) for each party.

We call it PTScrip/t because of the obvious similarity to scrip, which is defined as NOT legal tender, and script, which is the computer program communicating the purchase/sale. The entire concept is based upon the right of two people to negotiate, barter and contract to buy/sell/trade anything they want at any amounts agreed by both (see "right to contract").

Of course the agreement communications are encrypted and private.



"Invoicing" is the buying and selling of the invoices that represent the goods named on them. We would be happy to discuss the purchase/sale of your invoices, if we can find a 3rd counter-party. OR, you can find your own parties and close the purchase/sale through our communication portal.



The purchase or sale of accounts payable or receivable.


Negotiate the purchase/sale of your payables or others' or make an offer for our purchase or sale


Negotiate the purchase/sale of your receivables or others' or make an offer for our purchase or sale

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