I Buy and Sell Bitcoin or other Crypto-currency
for CASH, VISA, PayPal, Bank transfer

(5% - 10% transaction fee)
Bitcoin by appointment only

In or near Boquete, Panama
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I am not licensed by the Superintedencia de Bancos de Panama or the Comision Nacional de Valores. I do NOT  buy or sell investments or investment products in Panama. (see www.superbancos.gob.pa and www.conaval.gob.pa for further information regarding licensed investment providers in Panama - NOT me.)

You specifically agree that you are NOT buying or selling items to or from me for investment purposes. ANY/ALL item(s) bought or sold between us are ONLY for adding to or selling from our private collections and personal, private (NON-investment) use. 

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not view my site or use my contact form.