EVERYTHING we do is designed to PROTECT your PRIVACY!!

First, and foremost, we don't know who you are. We don't want to know who you are. We do NOT collect or keep any names, addresses, phone numbers, encryption keys or ANY personal information. (we do keep your username and password to verify that it is you and not someone else trying to log in to your account. and you have the option to give us an email address for communication - or not).

ALL data that we store for you is ENCRYPTED with the best encryption tools available today. YOU have the ONLY decryption key. The ONLY way we can keep your secrets is by not knowing them (and not being able to get them). We can't tell what we don't know. We can't give what we don't have.

You can ONLY connect to your data over an encrypted (SSL) connection. This is the same type connection used in the financial world today. That means that if someone isn't looking over your shoulder while you type (in other words, a "key logger" hasn't been installed on your computer) the data goes from your computer to our data storage encrypted and is then stored by us encrypted, without being "overheard". When you want to look at it again, you must enter your decryption key (at login) to decrypt your data so it can be sent (again over an encrypted SSL connection) to your computer (at the same or different locations).

Here's the beauty of this process. You can access your data from any computer, from anywhere in the world without fear of losing it and without fear of your secrets being disclosed. You don't have to carry your data across borders, risking loss and discovery, because the data isn't in your computer.

When data is stored remotely from your computer it is called (by some people) "CLOUD" computing. Your data is stored "in the cloud". What we do is similar, but we call it SkyberSpace - better than the cloud because (unlike in the cloud) your data is safe and private. There may come a time when someone (a disgruntled spouse or employee, a competitor suing for advantage, a repressive regime) gets a court order for release of your cloud data. Cloud providers will sing like a canary. We, on the other hand, don't know who you are, don't know which account is yours, and more importantly, don't even know WHERE your data is stored. Even IF all that could be determined, we could only hand over information that is unreadable.

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