Most people send the equivalent of postcards to each other in the form of e-mail, wide out in the open for everyone to read including nosey neighbors, competitors, and the postman. As someone who values privacy, you want to at least put your card in an envelope. The digital equivalent is encrypting the message, and the standard by which all others compare is PGP, and its open source look-alike GnuPG. These programs put an envelope around your postcard so it can't be read by others.

There are two problems with these which PTools has overcome. Unlike PGP and GPG, which are difficult to install and operate,  PTools e-mail is EASY! Secondly, even though the CONTENT of PGP and GPG is private, the addressees, sender and subject line are wide open for the world to see (and use!)  The work around in the two GP's (PGP and GpG) is to use anonymous e-mail addresses for both sender and addresee, and make a fake or absent subject line. However, the number and frequency of emails between two parties can still be monitored. E-mails between two members of PTools never leave the closed system, so is NOT available for snooping eavesdroppers to ever see. PTools uses standard PGP keys (public and private) so is compatible for e-mails coming and going to and from the exterior. And, of course, all your mail is stored fully encrypted.

PTools also provides a tool to send e-mail with a fake header and allows consolidation of accounts, forwarding between accounts and notification of receipt.

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